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What is Marketing Automation?

Put simply Marketing Automation allows you to communicate with your customers and potential customers on a one to one personalised basis. If you haven't alsready done so give it a go by putting your email in the box above and we will show you how it works.

Personalised Emails

Connect with customers by sending them emails with relevent information. For example if they show a preference for Red Handbags then why would you waste your time and theirs sending them offers for the latest Aftershave? Ok so some people may fit this category but I hope you get the point!

Tailored Web Content

Building intelligence about your customer allows you to present personalised web content based on what they do, either when on your website, in an email or telephione call.

Automate your sales

Used correctly, Marketing Automation will act as an extra sales person, there for your customers 24/7.

Get started today and win more business.

Our easy to use and powerful Marketing Automation will revolutionise the way you market your business online.

Until now only large organisations or businesses with big budgets and highly skilled staff could benefit from Marketing Automation. But now you can have it for your business.

Our Cloud based software is simple to use. But if you prefer our team can get your campaigns up and running in no time and then train your staff how to keep it going and engaging effectively with your customers and potential customers.

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Trizz Marketing Automation


Our simple pricing model, no long term contracts, just pay as you go.


up to 1,500 contacts
£ 325
  • Powerful Marketing Automation
  • Built in CRM
  • Up to 1,500 contacts
  • Full Support


Up to 5,000 Contacts
£ 450
  • Full Analytic
  • Mobile Site and Store
  • 24h Support
  • Unlimited Email Accounts


Up to 25,000 Contacts
£ 550
  • Full Analytic
  • Mobile Site and Store
  • 24h Support
  • Unlimited Email Accounts


Marketing Automation vs. Customers Relationship Manager

CRM's like SalesForce, Sugar and Zoho – are not marketing automation platforms. Simply put, a CRM does not generate leads or help convert them to sales. Instead, it is an organization tool for sales people and sales managers.

Do I need a CRM?

A Customer Relationships Manager is an essential tool for keeping in touch with your customers. Our software has a built in CRM or you can easily link our Marketing Automation platform to your existing CRM

How do I measure success?

So many businesses do not know which channels are producing the best return on investment. With our Marketing Automation platform, you get full easy to understand analytics which will identify what advertising channels work and the ones that do not. This powerful information will then allow you to allocate your budget much more effecively.

Triple your leads with Visitor ID

97% of website visitors don't fill out a form. With our Visitor ID many of these anonymous visitors can be identified and their contact details sent straight to your sales team. In many situations, Visitor ID can double or triple the average conversion of a website.

How does this differ from an ESP?

Email Service Providers (ESP) like MailChimp or Constant Contact are often mistaken for marketing automation by those just becoming aware of marketing automation. For most businesses, adopting marketing automation will result in an exponential return on investment. See the benefits here

What is Dynamic Content?

A really powerful feature is dynamic content and dynamic forms, Each website visitor can be presented with specific content that is truly relevent to them, this dramatically increases their engagement and drives more sales. Click here and see how it works.

Our team

We have a great and highly skilled team whose mission is to make you another one of our happy customers.

John Rayner


With a wealth of marketing experience John heads up the Trizz team and when not working is a keen private pilot and family man.

Megan James


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James Lannister

UX designer

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Skyler White

Web developer

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